Consultancy Service

Our Aim

The overarching aim of ABM is to provide services and advice that are an integral part of a patient's blood management plan. We aim to achieve this goal through interaction with the individual hospital, multidisciplinary team and the effective implementation of research based practice.

Perioperative Blood Management Symposium: Novotel, Manly Pacific 2020

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Our team are always ready to come to your hospital to assist you in developing a Patient Blood Management Practice Guideline. Such guidelines cover blood transfusion economics (cost effectiveness of transfusion alternatives and cost minimisation analysis) and blood management strategies (including iron therapy, erythropoiesis therapy, non-pharmacological strategies, haemostatic blood products and drug therapy. Also covered in such a service is the vitally important 'successful implementation of a blood management strategy'. 

Our consultancy service extends beyond the clinical arena. We, at ABM, understand the value of accurate public information and education. We are pleased to offer consultancy to independent television and media outlets in order to provide detailed and accurate advice and information on blood management and haemodynamic support strategies.