Our Aim

The overarching aim of ABM is to provide services and advice that are an integral part of a patient's blood management plan. We aim to achieve this goal through interaction with the individual hospital, multidisciplinary team and the effective implementation of research based practice.

Perioperative Blood Management Symposium: Novotel, Manly Pacific 2020

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For many cardiac surgical procedures it is necessary to use a heart lung bypass machine to temporarily take over the function of the patient's heart and lungs during the operation. We provide Certified Clinical Perfusionists with a wealth of experience in both adult and paediatric CPB techniques. Our Perfusionists will set up and operate the heart lung machine.

Australian Blood Management offers a complete solution to the provision of Perfusion services. We offer a service that can scale from providing staff for a single case, up to full service provision including hardware, staff and disposables on a full time permanent basis.