Vascular Surgery

Perioperative Blood Management Symposium: Novotel, Manly Pacific 2020

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During and after vascular surgery you will need fluid through a drip to replace what you would normally be drinking and also to replace fluid that is lost to your circulation (due to the surgery). Initially this will be fluid that does not contain blood. However, no matter how hard your team try, sometimes you will lose blood and require fluid through your drip that dilutes your circulating red blood cells to a point that you would need a transfusion.  

At ABM, we have the technology and a skilled professional team, that allows us to collect (any of) your blood, that would normally be lost during surgery, and process it to make it completely safe to return to your circulation. This process takes place at the same time as your surgery, and is also carried out in the operating theatre, so there is no risk of you receiving someone else's blood.  

No matter how hard we try, we cannot completely eliminate the possibility of you needing a blood transfusion, however, with this technique, called intraoperative cell salvage, we can drastically reduce the chance of you needing a transfusion of blood from a donor.

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