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Perioperative Blood Management Symposium: Novotel, Manly Pacific 2020

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Here at ABM, we are well aware of the need for hospital management to focus on cost effectiveness. We are also aware that this can often result in frustrated clinicians and challenging health care delivery. ABM offers services that allow clinicians to offer their patients 'best practice' but that also results in overall savings to the hospital.

We are confident that the service we provide will meet the specific needs of individual surgeons and their practices, adhere to individual hospital guidelines and protocols, and respect patient rights and confidentiality. As a result, the service we offer is of the highest quality whilst also providing a cost effective alternative to in-house solutions. This may be on a case by case basis, provision of staff on a locum basis and also on a long term contract arrangement that includes hardware and disposable stock management.


Our service is based on a fixed price per case and includes:

  • all hardware and consumables required for the case
  • specialist, experienced personnel
  • the placement of personnel for 24 hour a day, 7 day a week service
  • full documentation, auditing and quality control


ABM offer hospitals cost effective operational benefits: 

  • A professional Autotransfusionist from ABM works independently – no hospital personnel assistance needed
  • ABM provides all the equipment, hardware and disposables – reducing hospital capital expenditures.


We offer patients an Autologous (their own) blood product.  Medical professionals who choose Autotransfusion embrace the advantages of zero risk of disease transmission and allogenic reaction, a reassuring message in times of increased patient awareness and increasing medico-legal litigation.


Indications for ICS: 

  • Any patient who is undergoing surgery that would routinely require a 2 unit cross-match / group and hold
  • Expected blood loss of 20% circulating blood volume
  • Potential ongoing blood loss
  • Any patient with preoperative anaemia or coagulation disturbances that may adversely affect outcome
  • Any patient with antibodies
  • Any patient who does not want to have a donor transfusion – to avoid the risk or for religious reasons



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