Meet Our Team

Perioperative Blood Management Symposium: Novotel, Manly Pacific 2020

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DANDO, Mr. Hayden: hayden

Hayden is a Perfusionist with an interest in blood management that was sparked a long time ago in deepest darkest South Wales. After training at Papworth in the UK, he came to Australia “for a few months” in 2000. Since then he has worked at St Vincents, Royal North Shore Hospital, a spell in the wilderness working for the corporate sector, and was until a couple of years ago Chief Perfusionist at the Childrens Hospital at Westmead.

In 2006 he started Australian Blood Management that is a clinical services provision company where he now works full time and is occasionally allowed by his team to actually make decisions.

He is a passionate advocate of patient blood management and will take any opportunity to talk about it, preach it and otherwise annoy people into submission.

He recently completed his Masters Degree and is looking for other ways to take up what little time he still has spare. At the moment he is doing his best to turn ABM into a clinical services company with a SCUBA diving problem.

SHAM, Mrs. Nicolenicole 

Our General Manager, Nicole, trained and worked as an Autotransfusionist for ABM since 2010, before moving into practice management in 2011 and finally into her role as General Manager.

With many years experience in business leadership in various industries, Nicole has extensive knowledge in all aspects of management. She has a strong focus on providing customers with an effortless experience.

She is a self proclaimed coffee snob who has a famous chihuahua.

BAKOS, Dr. Tracytracy

Our Clinical Director, Tracy, completed her Medical and Surgical training in the heart of South Africa in 1998.

Whilst chasing her dream to travel the world she worked throughout the United Kingdom, where her passion for Clinical Haematology and Perioperative Patient Management began. She brought this passion to fruition by completing her Postgraduate Diploma and Fellowship training in Anaesthesiology.

In 2014 she made the exciting decision to immigrate with her family to Sydney. Due to health and family demands, her professional path altered from Clinical Anaesthesiologist to Clinical Medical Advisor. 

In 2017 she joined the ABM Team and with her personal and professional interest in Perioperative Patient Blood management her role as Clinical Director and Autotransfusionist for ABM was a natural fit. 

Tracy faces life’s challenges with resolve and is possibly pathologically optimistic.

DAVIES, Miss Eloiseeloise

Eloise is one of our passionate autotransfusionists and has been part of the ABM team since 2015.

She completed her Medical Sciences degree majoring in molecular biology at University.

Her caring nature drives her to always uphold the highest quality in patient care that our service can offer. This combined with her passions for science, the environment, and the well-being of others makes her a perfect fit for the ABM team.

Eloise lives by the maxim, ‘Striving to truly make a difference each and every day.

PARK, Mr Jungjung

Jung is one of our experienced Senior Autotransfusionists and has been an integral member of the team at ABM since 2013.

Jung’s background of Applied Psychology in Science gives him a unique advantage in our clinical medical services by being able to apply scientific research techniques and methods to our patient’s behavioural and social experiences.

Beyond Autotransfusion, Jung is also involved in WaterSafe, ABM’s specialised heater cooler unit disinfection service.

When Jung is not hidden behind surgical scrubs, he can be found skiing, fishing or on a motorcycle.